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Travel agency PROmatkat is specialised in business travel and event management

Mr. Ilkka Holopainen (likes to be called as Ilkka), the entrepreneur and founder of travel agency PROmatkat, is one of the best travel managers in Finland. Ilkka has 26 years of experience in high quality travel management and incentive travel.
Ilkka’s references are a large number of loyal customers and over 1000 well managed events. Ilkka’s professional knowledge includes also consulting travel industry business, product development, travel marketing and sales.

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The PROmatkat motto ”We do everything better”

We have a rigorous approach in both thought and action in every event and travel management case. With PROmatkat you will always have a successful business event and incentive trip. Travel agency PROmatkat offers high quality business events answering to customers’ needs.

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The PROmatkat incentive travel and event management service is very customer friendly and designed to be as easy as possible. Professional PROmatkat representatives make sure that things works at the travel destination. The Destination Management service is available 24/7 at every travel destination.

The PROmatkat service is based on long experience and knowledge on our travel destinations. We have tested and evaluated all our destination services including accommodation, restaurants and activities. Every member of wide PROmatkat contact network is aware of high quality standards of PROmatkat concept. The whole PROmatkat network cooperates seamlessly to meet the highest customer needs.

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